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2023 Sanli will continuously innovate on fabric of yoga wear

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In the post-2023 epidemic era, the turbulent period has gradually subsided and people are gradually looking for a life style of balance and happiness. Self-examination and self-satisfaction appears in people’s mind, and the market's desire for value and comfort has inspired a wealth of ideas, conveying the romance of rural life, the warmth of home, and people's distant yearning and nostalgia for the past. People achieve peace of mind and Self-worth by meditating at home or exploring outdoors.

 Comfortable yoga clothing becomes an indispensable commodity for home meditation and yoga practice

In order to meet this need, a series of high quality yoga fabric which has soft colors, comfort handfeel, supporting effect, and breathability, moisturizing and functional healthy fabrics are continuing developed.


Ningbo sanli garment focus on yoga fitness sportswear series, our activity wear consist of yoga bra, yoga pant, yoga tops, range from men and women. Sanli is keeping using innovative fabrics to produce yoga wear to meet different customers on different usage.


Come and experience our sportswear, there is always one for you.

Sanli also do other leisurewear such as hoodie, jogger pant,polos and t-shirts.




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